Forensics and dispute resolution | Anti-bribery and corruption consulting

For companies that do business around the globe, staying ahead of changing regulations can be challenging, but necessary—pleading ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Although applicable legislation has been on the books for many years, regulators are now getting serious about fighting foreign bribery and corruption.And, as a result, both private and public companies doing business in risky foreign markets are being actively monitored. If you’re a Canadian company doing business in these markets, you need to be aware of global anti-corruption legislation and ensure that the way you operate is in compliance with such legislation —otherwise you could be subject to investigation, prosecution, reputational damage and financial loss.

At Grant Thornton LLP, we can work with you to develop a program of prevention, detection and education while delivering investigative services, strategy and response recommendations when needed, helping you to safeguard yourself from corruption risks.

Our anti-corruption team members offer strategic advice and services to help you develop your anti-corruption response strategy, conduct internal corruption investigations, respond to government regulatory investigations, fine tune your compliance program and train your staff.

Our primary services include

  • Corruption risk analysis
  • Anti-corruption policy development
  • Compliance and controls development, testing and implementation
  • Anti-corruption training
  • Background due dilligence for anti-corruption compliance
  • Internal corruption investigation

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