Immigrant investor due diligence

Grant Thornton LLP is now a service provider to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, offering background due diligence for applicants of the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program.

Our robust program allows us to support applicants in the verification of the following IIVC requirements:

     •  ownership claims to assets and business(es)
     •  the fairness and accuracy of the value of assets and business holdings
     •  wealth accumulation
     •  business experience, including business holding or employment in a 
     •  areas of concern related to involvement in litigation, illicit business or 
        other activities
     •  status as a politically exposed person
     •  potential exposure to international sanctions

How we can help

Our state-of-the-art background due diligence investigations and financial/asset verification programs are offered by an experienced multi-disciplinary team—one that pulls from scenarios and knowledge gathered from across the globe.

In conducting due diligence investigations, we utilize a wide range of public record and other data sources to provide third party or independent validation and verification. And because of our global experience, we’re able to understand your country and environment—wherever you are in the world.

With a network of over 35,000 professionals in 125 countries, we’re equipped to work with you, providing you with seamless, one-stop global access.