Information security | Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services

Ensuring sensitive business information is protected from compromise is not a routine exercise in compliance and control implementation

The rise of sophisticated attackers and the increasing dependence on online services increases the need for the highest confidence and most actionable intelligence for your organization’s exposure to security incidents.

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests can assist organizations of all sizes to

  • simulate attacks on infrastructure and applications
  • identify flaws in technology architecture and design
  • find security errors in application and software code
  • determine vulnerabilities in process, policies and personnel

How can we help?

At Grant Thornton LLP, we believe that being a trusted adviser means helping our clients understand the key risks and exposures, both in their own IT infrastructure and IT service providers. Our dedicated team of security experts have contributed to national security policy, identified zero-day exploits in major vendor products, and helped to secure Canada’s online health, e-voting and financial applications.

Our philosophy is that reports based on automated tools alone are notaren’t sufficient to gain a complete picture of the security threats facing your organization An effective vulnerability assessment needs supporting analysis and subject matter expertise for meaningful results. Our methodology evaluates the severity of vulnerabilities in the context of the organization’s risk profile. This provides our clients with a clear direction towards mitigating the highest and most concerning vulnerabilities.

Our services include:

  • technical vulnerability assessments
  • application and infrastructure penetration testing
  • social engineering and open source intelligence assessments