Information technology | Security

Proactively managing risk

Threats to information security, from both internal and external sources, are growing exponentially. Add to that the ever-changing regulatory environment, and you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands.

The first signs of trouble

Recognizing these key indicators of information security deficiencies is the first step to building a stronger IT infrastructure:

  • one or more instances of a security breach
  • high turnover within your IT department
  • concerns over the protection of sensitive client data
  • lack of formal, documented security policies and framework
  • trouble or concerns with managing the increasing number of user accounts and associated privileges

An ounce of prevention, and ongoing care

We can help you evaluate your organization’s information security posture from technical, management and operational perspectives. And we can assist you moving forward with services for the complete life cycle of your project, from planning to implementation to management.

Our services   Value delivered
Current information security posture assessment including penetration testing if required Training, process and configuration gaps identified and ranked
Information security improvement plan Detailed plan on how to close your gaps
Information security project management

Support and assistance with strong project management to keep your improvements on track 

Our information security team has the technical depth to support you when an “incident” occurs, whether it looks like a hacker has broken into your network, or a possible privacy breach has occurred.  We also support accounting forensics—that is, we have the know-how to extract accounting and other user application and infrastructure data from your systems and network.  Whether it’s an external attack on your systems or internal misuse of technology, we have the resources to help.