Operational improvement | Financial restatement

Getting it right—it’s more important than ever

Today, there is more focus on the accuracy and integrity of financial restatements than ever before.

Financial restatement may be required due to a variety of reasons:

  • new business plans requiring fully compliant financial statements
  • incorrect measurement of debt or equity instruments 
  • misrepresentation of assets
  • fraud

Restatement projects require significant project management expertise and a strong focus on internal controls. Your goal is to reduce the risk of reporting errors. Your organization deserves the focus of a team of professionals.

Our financial restatement team delivers a well-managed project by bringing professional skills from multiple services lines together to provide a single source service: information technology, valuation, forensic accounting, compliance, assurance and project management.

Our financial restatement services include

  • assisting companies in restating financial statements, and
  • supporting the external audit of the restated financial statements.

Value delivered

  • financial reporting and regulatory requirements satisfied
  • proactive plans to address the issues that resulted in financial restatement
  • accounting policies and procedures, financial reporting processes and internal control environment enhanced