Operational improvement | Performance and process management

You’re feeling the pressure—

pressure to ensure your company performs efficiently and effectively, meets stated growth and profitability goals, remains within appropriate budgets, and aligns business unit practices and procedures with your organization’s overall goals.

Take measures to improve performance

Executives often don’t have access to the right information and measures to help them accurately understand the state of their business. Focusing solely on cash flows and net income risks misunderstanding the underlying business drivers that determine long-term performance. Our performance management services team can help you develop a system of key business goals and related metrics that can be used to evaluate, monitor and modify your business activities in order to reach your organization’s key objectives.

Our performance management service approach includes

  • defining high-level “dashboard” metrics for top management;
  • aligning departmental plans and objectives in support of strategic goals;
  • designing, streamlining and implementing business processes that deliver on targeted performance objectives;
  • developing a data collection and reporting system;
  • developing a program for the review and revision of these performance indicators as the company grows; and
  • achieving performance improvement.

Value delivered

  • clearly defined goals and indicators aligned throughout the organization
  • critical assessment of which business areas or programs need improvement
  • meaningful, appropriate performance metrics
  • information for more informed and timely decision-making
  • elimination of non value-adding activities and unnecessary reports
  • issuance of performance reports prior to completion of consolidated financials
  • engaged staff with clearly communicated performance expectations

When change happens, take a second look at processes

Over time, an organization faces many changes, including those caused by external environmental forces, internal growth of the company and employee turnover. Often, little is done to ensure processes within the organization are adapted to reflect these changes. This can result in redundant activities, revenue leakage or lost value within the company.

Our team of professionals can map out the current processes within your organization, identify risks that are not being effectively managed and recommend improvements to complete tasks more efficiently. Improved business performance, lower costs and effective risk management are the results clients experience from the application of our process improvement methodology.

Our process improvement approach includes

  • documenting current processes,
  • identifying areas for improvement,
  • designing the new process required to achieve the desired improvements,
  • planning the implementation for process changes and training the appropriate individuals,
  • implementing the new process, and
  • monitoring the new process to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Value delivered

  • decreased costs
  • processes that are reflective of the current environment
  • increased efficiency
  • effective mitigation of risk
  • improved performance
  • enhanced value within the organization

Our team of professionals is ready to help you develop and implement performance enhancements at all levels. Designed to fine-tune existing processes and effectively evaluate results, these measures will help you not only advance, but effectively monitor your business—giving you the competitive edge.