Operational improvement | Planning, budgeting and forecasting

Time for change

Archaic methods of planning, budgeting and forecasting—they’re not reliable, they’re still in use, and it’s time for them to go.

Today’s financial executives need a longer-term view of the financial horizon and forward-looking planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. In order to respond quickly to or in advance of the competition, it’s critical that you monitor progress toward goals, control spending and accurately predict cash flow and profit.

Translating your plan into real market success

We can help link your budget to your strategic plan, giving you more meaningful and attainable targets.

Our team can assist you in analyzing current processes, identifying weaknesses and developing appropriate solutions for planning, budgeting and forecasting. We also look at your strategic planning process and how it integrates with your budgeting and forecasting processes. Implementing new technologies to manage the processing and distribution of planning and budgeting information, such as the use of on-line or desktop applications to replace spreadsheets, is one facet of our solutions. 

Our planning, budgeting and forecasting approach includes

  • reducing planning cycles from months to weeks;   
  • increasing collaboration in the process at all levels of the organization, using simple forms and the language of front-line managers;
  • assisting the move to an integrated process that provides “one version of the truth”; and
  • implementing a sustainable process improvement framework that supports corporate strategy, allocates resources efficiently and manages costs. 

Value delivered

  • reduced budget complexity, cycle time and cost
  • shift to operating in a dynamic environment and responding to market changes quickly and proactively
  • increased quality, accuracy and timeliness of information
  • enhanced teamwork among all operating units involved in business planning
  • elimination of unnecessary or manual activities

Let us help you improve your planning, budgeting and forecasting process, so you can focus more on meeting rather than developing your budget.