Recovery and reorganization | Corporate insolvency

There is always a solution.

We understand the pressures of financial crisis on both debtors and creditors. By offering services to both sides of the crisis equation, we can help develop workable solutions built on the broad support of all interested parties.

Our experienced corporate recovery and insolvency advisers are trained to assess your unique financial situation with services* that are practical, responsive and accessible:

  • Consulting
    For creditors, we perform consulting appointments, including look-sees and other functions focused on assessing the creditors' risk exposure on specific loans or credit facilities. We also offer consulting services to shareholders wherein our focus is on productivity improvement or minimization of risk.
  • Statutory appointments—monitoring, receiverships, bankruptcies, proposals, CCAA
    Our practitioners are experienced in performing formal appointments under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act,and the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).
  • Monitoring
    We regularly perform monitoring of both informal and formal proposals made by insolvent debtors to creditors for financial institutions, other creditors and shareholders.
  • Liquidations
    Acting in our capacity as liquidators of both solvent and insolvent companies, we sell off assets, settle claims by or against these companies and distribute whatever additional property remains. We also prepare informal arrangements to restructure debts for both companies and individuals.

*These services are provided by Grant Thornton Limited, a federal corporation, wholly owned by Grant Thornton LLP.