Union of Canada Life Insurance | Information for pensioners and former employees receiving other post-employment benefit payments


On February 2, 2012, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, ordered the winding-up of Union of Canada Life Insurance (the “Company”) and appointed Grant Thornton Limited as liquidator (the “Liquidator”). A copy of the orders winding-up the Company and appointing the Liquidator can be found on the page containing relevant court and legal documents associated with this proceeding.

The purpose of this Web page is to give you a brief overview of the present status of operations and the anticipated effect of recent events on employees and retirees, generally, of the Company.

The Company sponsored a pension plan for its employees. Morneau Shepell has been appointed Administrator by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. All inquiries relating to the pension plans should be directed to:
For French: Ntumba Tshiteya, Pension Analyst, Morneau Shepell (416) 445-8899, ext. 3312
For English: Genny Mason, Associate Consultant, Morneau Shepell (416) 445-2700, ext. 3228

The Company also sponsored a post-retirement benefit planfor its employees. All arrangements will be kept in place for a period of 6 months. The Liquidator is currently reviewing the plans and will be contacting those currently being affected.

If you have any questions, please call the appropriate numbers listed to the right of this page.

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