Strategic advisory | Post merger integration

Joining forces

Merging two companies involves a huge amount of effort during a limited period of time. Under even the best of circumstances, the work to complete the transaction requires a full-time commitment of mission-critical resources.

Building a new future

As external advisors, we bring an independent view to the process of developing shared goals. We have significant expertise in all functional aspects of business, are able to challenge conventional assumptions and can provide recommendations on how to effectively merge organizations. We also have skill at the executive coaching level in regard to completing the softer aspects of a merger.

Our post-merger integration approach includes the following:

  • facilitating the development of a clear vision and goals for the new merged entity early in the process—creating a compelling reason for your team to participate
  • conducting an in-depth analysis of business operations, including how the new company will move forward in carrying out business processes as a combined organization
  • providing advice on how to structure for success, how to make your workforce effective, how to culturally align the two organizations and how to integrate operations
  • managing and driving the actual integration effort forward
  • developing and maintaining both internal and external support for the transaction by engaging all key stakeholders
  • guiding communications and change management planning
  • providing other support to the executive team throughout execution of the transaction through our corporate finance, tax and risk management services

Value delivered

  • a clear vision and strategy for the integrated organization, including clearly articulated synergy targets along with capital and operating expenditure estimates
  • a clear plan throughout the merger that ensures the transaction is completed as smoothly as possible
  • enhanced organizational synergy and focus on core business drivers
  • design and streamlining of major business processes with emphasis on value-adding functions and activities
  • identified opportunities for improvement
  • minimal disruption to client services and internal operations
  • engaged and focused staff, and committed and effective leadership
  • clear communication to all stakeholders throughout the process