Strategic advisory | Program review

Public, private and non-profit organizations: Effectively and efficiently using resources to support your organization’s objectives is critical in today’s environment. A program review, or program evaluation, systematically reviews your programs and projects to assess operational effectiveness and potential for success given your desired outcome. And it’s key to assessing past and improving future performance.

Our program review services help organizations

  • confirm that a program is achieving its overall objectives,
  • review how a program is working and understand its strengths and weaknesses,
  • identify a program’s benefits to clients and customers,
  • increase the impact of a program on clients and customers,
  • improve the delivery of a program to decrease cost and increase efficiency, and
  • align a program’s objectives with outcomes.

Program evaluation is closely linked with performance measurement, which provides on-going management information critical to achieving goals. Together, these form an overall performance management and assessment framework that demonstrates accountability and drives performance improvement.