Strategic advisory | Project and program management

Constant change

The external environment that your organization operates within is always changing and becoming more competitive. To maintain an edge, organizations must adapt to these changes quickly. Effective project and program management is a strategic tool that allows a company to drive change from within.

Effective management

We can help effectively manage your project, big or small, and recommend improvements from the outset. Our team can help you establish a business case and project work plan, manage resources, develop project deliverables and measure progress against targets. We will also guide your team in identifying and mitigating risks that could hinder the successful completion of the project. 

Our project and program management approach includes

  • identifying the project objectives, scope, deliverables and tasks required to complete the project;
  • developing the project schedule with clearly defined roles, accountabilities and timelines;
  • identifying and mitigating risks at the onset and during execution of the project;
  • monitoring project performance against targets or milestones;
  • managing scope to ensure that project budget and timing expectations are met;
  • reviewing deliverables to ensure they meet quality standards;
  • managing issues as they arise so they will have the least impact possible on the project; and
  • implementing effective change management.

Value delivered

  • successful program management of multiple projects
  • reduced effort required from internal resources
  • optimized quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness of deliverables
  • enhanced teamwork
  • communications plans that work
  • mitigation of risk
  • projects completed on time and within budget

Our Grant Thornton project and program management team has a wealth of experience gained from managing both quick turn-around and multi-year projects of varying budgets. This, combined with the application of proven principles from the Project Management Institute, allows us to give your project the focus it deserves and guide decision making to produce results that exceed your expectations.