Strategic advisory | Strategy

A constant state of change

The only constant in today's dynamic business environment is that things are always changing. To consistently capture value in the market, it’s critical that your company's strategy stay ahead of the curve and adapt to these changing elements.

Our team of strategic advisory professionals is ready to help. From providing an objective perspective and challenging your assumptions while facilitating a strategic planning session, to assessing and advising on custom business cases, to leading the development of specialized projects, we have the expertise to assist you in analyzing the dynamics in your marketplace and turn strategic choices into measurable results.

Our strategic advisory approach includes

  • facilitating strategic planning sessions,
  • reviewing business planning practices,
  • translating business strategy into measurable action: applying the balanced scorecard,
  • implementing measurement systems on key performance indicators (KPI) and performance reporting,
  • performing market forces analysis,
  • completing organizational capability fit / gap assessment,
  • developing custom business cases,
  • performing feasibility studies,
  • analyzing and recommending functional strategies (i.e. marketing, operations, finance, IT, human resources),
  • developing end-to-end strategy, and
  • leading and advising on specialized projects.

Value delivered

  • assessment of core competencies and competitive advantage (e.g., value chain analysis)
  • strategic recommendations based on objective analysis of industry and company-specific data, trends and performance levels
  • clearly defined and communicated strategic plan
  • smart goal setting of KPI and strategic objectives
  • measurable results from the implementation of strategic initiatives

At Grant Thornton, we believe in finding unique, custom solutions that meet not only the needs of your organization, but also the challenges you face in the marketplace. The result is a plan which optimizes your ability to both create and capture value.