Tax services | Transfer pricing

It’s a complicated aspect of international tax. A means of pricing services, funding, goods, intangible assets or cost sharing transactions between related parties founded in tax law, applied economics and administrative guidance. It’s a contest between tax authorities for the same tax dollar, with companies in the middle. And the rules are always changing.

If your company is a multinational corporation with complex transfer pricing issues, or you need some practical and plainspoken advice from an experienced transfer pricing expert or economist, we’re glad you’re here—because we can help.

Working with Grant Thornton transfer pricing specialists from around the world, we can assist you with

          • pricing related-party transactions,
          • complying with contemporaneous documentation requirements,
          • navigating international tax audit disputes and Competent Authority
            matters with tax authorities,
          • planning tax-efficient international business structures and supply
          • understanding and managing risk, and
          • evaluating your tax positions.

If transfer pricing is on your list of important international tax issues, please contact us.