R & C Chartered Professional Accountants joins Grant Thornton LLP

For over 30 years, R&C Chartered Professional Accountants has provided friendly and knowledgeable service and advice to their clients. To continue to meet the evolving needs of clients and provide even more resources and services, the Mississauga-based firm proudly joined Grant Thornton LLP on November 1, 2023.

"We are thrilled to be joining Grant Thornton, where we see endless opportunities to grow and thrive. Together, we'll embark on an exciting journey, unlocking our potential, and shaping a brighter future for our clients and our team." exclaims Ray Freckleton, Partner. Ray, Stuart, Roy and their team look forward to continuing to serve their clients from Grant Thornton’s Mississauga office.


Ray.Freckleton@ca.gt.com  T  +1 416 607 4147

Stuart.Anderson@ca.gt.com T +1 416 607 7327

Roy.Fabbiani@ca.gt.com  T +1 416 607 4571