Legacy is not only about honouring the past—it’s also about looking forward and continuing to build upon those values, traditions, and achievements to create communities that thrive across generations. Indigenous communities are accomplishing just that as powerful contributors making a significant impact to Canada’s business landscape and culture.  

As trusted advisors, we help individual business owners, bands, and tribal councils with their goal of creating generational wealth and positively impacting the larger community. We’ll be by your side through every challenge; while your needs may change, the quality of our service won’t. By investing the time needed to truly understand what will have the largest impact on your community, we’ll tailor our advice and customize strategic solutions to meet your unique needs. Our shared values include creating a sense of belonging to support a prosperous, sustainable future for these communities as they continue to grow and change through generations. 

Whether you need support working with lenders, navigating the complexities of tax, setting up your team with proper training for growth and development, or with buying another business, our team will work with you at any stage of your journey. Put simply, we’re in this together—as your partners who care about creating meaningful change for generations to come. 

We can help you with:

  • Lender support
  • Navigating tax complexities
  • Team training and development
  • Buying a business
  • Scaling your business
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Angie Brown