Your farm is much more than a business

Farming is a lifestyle and a legacy. It’s the heartbeat of your family and the backbone of our communities. Success grows from hard work, patience and persistence in the face of endless challenges – from mother nature to changing technology and obtaining quota. It’s tough to go it alone.

Wouldn’t you rather team up with people who know the lay of the land from first-hand knowledge and experience?

We are business advisors, farmers and part of your community

Many Grant Thornton agriculture advisors come from farm families, and still run farms today. We understand how things grow and how to help businesses like yours grow—from grains and greenhouses to dairy and pork, and everything in between.

You know it takes a team to achieve success on your farm –It’s why you’ll value our commitment to building long-term relationships to get the job done.

While we are local, we also have access to a network of experts from across Canada. We’ll work with you shoulder to shoulder to find a customized and cost-effective solution to face challenges, and take advantage of opportunities.

Let’s grow together

We’ve put our knowledge and experience to work for thousands of farm clients. We can help you:

  • Drive more revenue
  • Increase the value of your farming business
  • Protect your assets
  • Create an exit strategy or succession plan

Grant Thornton is committed to Canada’s agricultural industry, to our clients and to our communities

Our service areas include:

  • Tax planning and tax advice
  • Succession planning
  • Accessing government assistance programs
  • Financing options
  • Buy vs. lease options
  • Accounting services
  • Corporate structure

Understanding and applying the new ASPE Section 3041 Agriculture