Build a resilient, sustainable, and purpose-driven business

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability performance is reframing how investors, employees, and consumers define and measure value by challenging the boundaries between purpose and profit. 

To build stakeholder trust, gain competitive advantage, and create long-term value, businesses should be managing ESG and sustainability performance with the same rigour as financial performance. However, businesses may be challenged to navigate through varying frameworks and requirements. We can help.   

Our team is made up of multi-disciplinary, dedicated advisors that can assist your business with a range of ESG considerations, including strategy development, risk assessment, quantifying your current impact, and driving performance to the next level. 

We support small and medium-sized businesses in the following areas:

  • We support small and medium-sized businesses in the following areas:

    Board and senior leadership education

    Equip leaders in finance, operations, and other functional areas with knowledge of your industry’s critical ESG matters and an understanding of the dynamic ESG landscape. We offer education sessions tailored to the audience’s level of knowledge, and an introduction to reporting and assurance. 

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    Strategy-led planning

    Maximize your ESG impact by developing a clear and practical strategy that will consider the most appropriate standards to follow, meet the needs of your stakeholders, and give your business a competitive advantage. We can assist with identifying and articulating ESG priorities through consultations with stakeholders and peer benchmarking. 

  • We support small and medium-sized businesses in the following areas:

    Governance and risk management

    Build a strong foundation by embedding ESG into your existing governance processes and integrating it into your risk management framework. We can review your current business strategy and processes and help align it with your company’s ESG values and priorities. 


  • We support small and medium-sized businesses in the following areas:

    Disclosure and stakeholder reporting 

    Implement an ESG reporting framework that best communicates your strategy, priorities, and targets. We can help you find the right reporting frameworks and understand how to best disclose information to your stakeholders. Once a framework is chosen, we can assist with identifying and remediating the gaps between the data that’s currently collected and the disclosure requirements that the company will report on. We can also assist management in preparing for your sustainability information to be subject to assurance. 

  • We support small and medium-sized businesses in the following areas:

    Modern Slavery Act

    Certain businesses and organizations in Canada will have reporting obligations under Canada’s Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act (the Modern Slavery Act). Under these rules, affected entities must report on their efforts to mitigate the use of forced and child labour in their supply chain. The first annual report is due on or before May 31, 2024, and failure to file may result in significant adverse impacts. Read further to see if your business is impacted here: Modern Slavery Act: Prepare for new reporting rules in 2024 | Grant Thornton.  

    Your values define your business and today more than ever, it’s critical that you put them into action. We can support you on your journey to becoming more resilient, sustainable, and accountable with tailored solutions for your business needs.

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