Taking the complexity out of Canadian sales tax

Keeping track of changes and developments in GST/HST, Quebec sales tax and other provincial sales taxes across Canada, can be a full-time job. The consequences for failing to adequately manage your organization’s sales tax obligations can be significant - from assessments, to forgone recoveries and cash flow implications, to customer or reputational risk.

Our experience is your advantage

Our experienced sales tax team focuses on gaining a deep understanding of your business to better advise you. Ranging from family business to large multinational corporations as well as not for profit entities, our clients represent a wide variety of industries, and they rely on us to provide practical advice that helps navigate the complexities of Canadian sales taxes.

Whether you are considering expanding or acquiring a business, or are uncertain as to whether your existing business is handling its obligations properly, we can help you navigate the sales tax applications to avoid any unforeseen pitfalls, and ensure you are maximizing your sales tax recoveries and minimizing exposures.

We offer a wide range of services to support your business, including: 

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Your business should avoid data errors—not the tax recoveries it’s entitled to. This can be difficult given the rapidly evolving indirect tax environment and other pressing business challenges, including growth, acquiring talent, new financial systems, and knowledge and resource limits.


It's important to safeguard your organization against indirect tax risks. Mistakes happen. When it comes to indirect tax, they can be quite painful—especially with rules constantly changing and increasing potential risk. We’ll help you avoid headaches with an efficient and trusted process so that your business doesn’t over- or under-pay.

Customs and Global Trade

The customs and global trade landscape is complex and keeping up with everchanging regulations and requirements can be challenging. Our experienced advisors can support your business with  cross-border trade by gaining a full understanding of your objectives and guiding you through important considerations.