Manufacturing is a significant driver of innovation, economic growth and employment in communities across the country. Technology continues to transform how businesses manufacture and distribute their products and services in an increasingly global marketplace.  From robotics and 3-D printing, IIOT and Manufacturing 4.0 to data analytics and artificial intelligence, incredible advancements are taking place.

Canada is now viewed globally as a country not only filled with abundant natural resources, but as a nation of advanced technology and leading-edge processes and facilities. The “Made in Canada” brand is strong, and there are many opportunities to expand into international markets. Are you ready to capitalize on new opportunities? 

Strategic advice for every stage of your business

Whether your business need is financing, needs research and development incentives, or support with exploring new markets, exporting, or ramping up productivity, we bring deep industry knowledge backed by technical expertise. As a Grant Thornton client, you have access to comprehensive services and solutions to help you grow and thrive.

Some key areas of expertise include:

Manufacturing & distribution

Manufacturers’ Outlook: Growth & Uncertainty

Oil & Gas

The mindset to thrive in a new oil & gas landscape

Manufacturing & distribution

How to compete through your supply chain