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Helping you help others in a complex and changing world

Here’s to the change-makers, the believers and the community-builders. Charities and not-for-profit organizations truly stand apart from the crowd. In today’s complex and competitive world, you need to be more innovative and cost-effective than ever to serve your constituents. It takes a sharp focus on systems, strategies and processes to reach and engage your diverse audiences.

Whether your focus is health, education, faith, membership or any number of other important mandates, people are at the heart of what you do. Just as your community, clients, members, volunteers, donors, funders and employees are counting on you to make a difference, you count on Grant Thornton to make a difference for your organization.

We are great listeners, quick learners and team players

Over and above the knowledge and experience our advisors have, we are great listeners, quick learners, and team players. And as part of a global network, we can stay on top of emerging issues and opportunities.

A range of services to maximize your impact

From operations and financial reporting to strategic planning and risk management, we bring a holistic view to helping maximize your impact. We understand the forces of change taking place around you, and will develop forward-looking systems and strategies that are tailored to your unique mandate.

Here are some of the challenges we address:

  • competition for donor dollars
  • crisis readiness and response
  • partnership, collaboration and innovation
  • new funding sources
  • succession planning
  • financial reporting
  • strategic planning
  • operational improvements
  • fundraising and stakeholder engagement
  • measuring impact
  • risk management
  • reserves planning
  • HST/taxation and accounting
  • internal controls
  • valuation and deal advisory

No matter the type of not-for-profit or charitable organization, or the size or scope of your organization—we can help you deliver on your promise. The reason is simple: we are as passionate about your mission as you are.