For service organizations that handle sensitive client information, trust is your currency. Managing information technology, or providing payroll, procurement, financial or other services comes with many challenges and risks. 

Naturally, clients and stakeholders want reassurance that there are appropriate controls and safeguards over the data and processes being used to service their business. It’s critical.  

We build relationships. And your client’s confidence. 

Our focus is on building relationships with a deep understanding of your business, ensuring our reports build confidence with your clients.     

Control reports 

  • SOC 1, 2, or 3 
  • CSAE 3416 and other Section 3000 reports 
  • ISAE 16 

Minimize costs and time. Maximize opportunities.  

Our team of advisors can help you: 

  • reduce your costs and staff time resulting from audits conducted by your clients and their auditors 
  • provide reports and audit opinions to your stakeholders’ auditors 
  • demonstrate commitment to providing controls and safeguards over your stakeholders’ information 
  • gain independent objective assurance over internal controls in your business 
  • identify risks as well as opportunities for improvement in controls over your business processes