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Kyle McMurtry

National Advisory & Client Experience Leader

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“Evolving markets in Canada and around the world are affecting how businesses navigate opportunities, challenges and risks.”

— Kyle McMurtry, Partner, National Advisory and Client Experience Leader

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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations strive to reduce risks and anticipate opportunities and challenges. Whether pursuing a new transaction, dealing with complex governance and compliance procedures or looking to improve competitive positioning through process and technology transformation, we can help your business grow and thrive.

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Our advisors work collaboratively with you to turn insights, experience and industry expertise– into tailored solutions that keep you ahead of disruptive change and drive success.

Whether your goals are to create value, transform your operations or protect against unnecessary business risks, we can help. Here’s how:

Transactions and Restructuring

  • explore your strategic growth options
  • establish the true commercial potential of a business
  • deliver valuation support and expert advice


  • diagnose, address and solve underperformance challenges
  • sustain and finance growth, manage risk and talent, and optimize operations
  • improve processes and systems
  • deliver systematic improvements through operational enhancements
  • benefit from scalable technology solutions
  • transform decision-making processes

Risk and Forensics

  • improve governance and compliance procedures
  • identify, manage and mitigate risk
  • develop systems to prevent fraud and corruption
  • implement cyber risk strategies to protect your business
  • achieve greater performance with data analytic services

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