The Canadian public utilities industry is complex, making it difficult to navigate through change. The regulatory environment, political climate, technological disruption, and energy-savvy consumers are just a few of the factors at play.

At Grant Thornton, we have the real-world experience and knowledge that can help you in considering all of your strategic alternatives. Whether it be managing a consolidation process, building and implementing best practices, raising financing and/or being a market innovator, we are fortunate enough to help our clients through it all.

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We work with organizations across the industry, including:

  • power distribution utilities
  • power transmission utilities
  • municipalities
  • regulators
  • power generation companies
  • financial investors (e.g. pension funds)
  • financial lenders

Public Utilities

Powering up your business strategy

Our advisors have helped dozens of publicly owned utilities, their owners and management teams to determine the best path forward with respect to operations, growth and potential market transactions – both regulated and non-regulated. We advise on technology, cybersecurity, financial reporting, strategic transactions, new projects, valuation, financing, and overall business strategy.

Our unique blend of regulatory and financial advisory experience, combined with specialized knowledge of local distribution and utility companies, delivers proven value to our clients across Canada. As an advisory firm, we listen, we care and we are a part of your team. We are committed to your success.  

Our skilled advisors will help you:

  • develop and support implementation of technology and cybersecurity solutions;
  • provide financial reporting, support and advice to the participants in the regulatory process;
  • provide audit and financial reporting expertise;
  • work with management and the board to assess the different strategic alternatives;
  • negotiate with your financial institutions;
  • navigate the complexities of making a transactional decision while managing the political sensitivities that come with municipal ownership;
  • support new business development for your non-regulated activities through business cases, financial modelling and financings;
  • develop forward-planning strategy that anticipates the future and minimizes the effects of shocks and stresses;  and
  • assess governance, risk management, tax efficiency, cybersecurity and other areas of your business.

Find out more about our Regulatory services