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It’s a complicated aspect of international tax. A means of pricing goods, services, funding, intangible assets or cost sharing transactions between related parties founded in tax law, applied economics and administrative guidance. It’s become a critical tax issue for companies, tax authorities and policy makers as countries compete for the same tax dollar amid concerns that corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes.

With tax authorities aggressively auditing transfer pricing policies across all sectors, the stakes have never been higher. Now is the time to take steps to minimize your company’s exposure to lengthy audits, transfer pricing adjustments, double taxation, penalties and interest. At the same time, your company should verify that its current transfer pricing policies contribute to a sound international tax strategy and a competitive worldwide effective tax rate.

Relax. You’re not alone.

Some multinationals treat transfer pricing simply as a tax compliance exercise, in isolation of other tax and business factors. At Grant Thornton, we understand that transfer pricing is more than benchmarking analyses and documentation. We provide a personalized and highly-collaborative experience, based on a proven three-step strategy: Plan●Implement●Defend.

transfer pricing strategy

Executing this strategy with our integrated network of global transfer pricing specialists as well as local audit, and tax advisors, we can help you:

  • plan tax-efficient international business structures
  • price related party transactions
  • implement pricing policies in your financial systems
  • prepare Master File/Local Life contemporaneous documentation
  • navigate international tax audit disputes and Competent Authority matters with tax authorities, including seeking double taxation relief
  • post-merger integration of transfer pricing policies
  • migrate Intellectual property offshore

Experience the difference

Transfer pricing is complex, but we can utilize strategies to help your business. Find out how our commitment to understanding your business can help us structure a transfer pricing solution that’s right for your business.

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