Running an organization is an ongoing exercise in confronting risk, whether strategic, financial, operational, regulatory or technological. Success in any enterprise requires effective risk management to deliver on your strategic objectives and maintain your day-to-day operations. 

We help our clients understand their risks, whether internal to the organization or part of the external environment, and address them both proactively and responsively. Our diverse pool of specialists in controls, compliance, security, and risk have the industry knowledge and professional skill to meet the complex requirements of your organization.

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Governance, risk and compliance

Effective, risk management—including governance and regulatory compliance—can lead to tangible, long-term business improvements. And be a source of significant competitive advantage.

Internal audit

Organizations thrive when they are constantly innovating, improving or creating new services and products and envisioning new markets and growth opportunities.

Certification – SOX

The corporate governance landscape is challenging at the best of times for public companies and their subsidiaries in Canada, the United States and around the world.

Third party assurance

Naturally, clients and stakeholders want reassurance that there are appropriate controls and safeguards over the data and processes being used to service their business. It’s critical.

Business risk

Managing risk during a ‘polycrisis’

In 1973, OPEC led an oil embargo that spiked energy costs across the world and kicked off a period of rising inflation.

Client stories

Closing the gap between people and new technology

Mitigating systemic issues with change management