“Tax is our technical expertise, but it is bringing our clients goals and objectives to life in a tax efficient manner that really adds value. It’s also what makes our everyday lives fun and fulfilling!”

 — Tara Benham, National Tax Services Leader

Tax legislation and policy is shifting constantly—both within Canada and around the world. Organizations that want to grow their markets and their businesses need a partner to help them reach their destination with minimal tax impact.

Our focus is tax. Our passion is building relationships.

Our deep technical expertise and broad perspective on complex tax matters help us understand your challenges and identify opportunities. We take a collaborative approach to working with your organization by building long-term, advisory-focused relationships that support your business goals.

Whether you’re a small, owner-managed entrepreneurial business or a large private or public corporation, we focus on your business and its success.

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Tax planning and compliance

Whether you are a private or public organization, your goal is to manage the critical aspects of tax compliance, and achieve the most effective results. At Grant Thornton, we focus on delivering relevant advice, and providing an integrated planning approach to help you fulfill compliance obligations.

Research and development and government incentives

Are you developing innovative processes or products, undertaking experimentation or solving technological problems? If so, you may qualify to claim SR&ED tax credits. This Canadian federal government initiative is designed to encourage and support innovation in Canada. Our R&D professionals are a highly-trained, diverse team of practitioners that are engineers, scientists and specialized accountants.

Indirect tax

Keeping track of changes and developments in GST/HST, Quebec sales tax and other provincial sales taxes across Canada, can be a full-time job. The consequences for failing to adequately manage your organization’s sales tax obligations can be significant - from assessments, to forgone recoveries and cash flow implications, to customer or reputational risk.

US corporate tax

The United States has a very complex and regulated tax environment, that may undergo significant changes. Cross-border tax issues could become even more challenging for Canadian businesses looking for growth and prosperity in the biggest economy in the world.

Cross-border personal tax

In an increasingly flexible world, moving across the border may be more viable for Canadians and Americans; however, relocating may also have complex tax implications.

International tax

While there is great opportunity for businesses looking to expand globally, organizations are under increasing tax scrutiny. Regardless of your company’s size and level of international involvement—whether you’re working abroad, investing, buying and selling, borrowing or manufacturing—doing business beyond Canada’s borders comes with its fair share of tax risks.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is a complex area of corporate taxation that is concerned with the intra-group pricing of goods, services, intangibles, and financial instruments. Transfer pricing has become a critical governance issue for companies, tax authorities and policy makers, and represents a principal risk area for multinationals.

Succession & estate planning

Like many private business owners today, you’ve spent your career building and running your business successfully. Now you’re faced with deciding on a successor—a successor who may or may not want your direct involvement and share your vision.

Tax Reporting & Advisory

The financial and tax reporting obligations of public markets and global tax authorities take significant resources and investment to manage. This requires calculating global tax provision estimates under US GAAP, IFRS, and other frameworks, and reconciling this reporting with tax compliance obligations.