Organizations thrive when they are constantly innovating, improving or creating new services and products and envisioning new markets and growth opportunities.

As part of that process, internal audit is a critical resource in assessing and monitoring governance, risk management, and compliance systems.

It’s no secret that internal audit is complex and requires diverse skills; notably risk assessment, strategy, internal controls, operational effectiveness, and information technology/security. For many organizations, it’s simply not practical to maintain all the required talent internally to deliver the necessary level of independent assurance and insight.

Let us help

Our team focuses on collaborating with the appropriate members of your organization to minimize risk exposure, maximize opportunities and optimize performance. 

We can fulfill all levels of an internal audit to deliver:

  • full outsourcing, independent of management and reporting to audit committee
  • co-sourcing with client internal audit functions
  • internal audit implementation / transformation
  • quality assurance reviews