Practical and timely advice in challenging situations

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • does your company have cash flow problems or are you stretched to pay your creditors?
  • are you offside on banking covenants, or is your relationship with your lender strained?
  • do you need some direction or guidance in navigating your company’s future?
  • are you in need of financing or M&A?
  • as a lender or regulator, do you have clients or registrants in financial difficulty?
  • are you the victim of a fraud or theft which is impairing the ability to carry on your business? 

Workable solutions that maximize value

We bring a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses – including shareholders, executives, directors, lenders, creditors and other advisors who are dealing with a corporation experiencing financial challenges. Our goal is clear: to provide you with workable solutions that maximize value.

We offer services in the following areas:

Viability and financial reviews

Is the company viable now or in the future?  What caused the business’ financial challenges and what is the path to recovery?  What are the market dynamics?  Gain insights with a report that provides a detailed analysis and recommendations.

Business plans

Looking for refinancing or to attract new investors? We can help prepare a business plan that can assist with your game plan.

Accelerated M&A

Can it all happen quicker? Sometimes in distressed situations, there is little time to carry out the necessary corporate finance activities within the normal timeframe. Our professionals have the experience to project manage purchase or sale transactions within weeks and, when necessary, bring together  recovery, corporate finance and taxation specialists to assist.

Turnaround and restructuring

How can you turn around a failing business? Our multi-disciplinary teams work cooperatively with management and stakeholders to assess cash flow and working capital needs. We can also help develop new business strategies, assist in the divestiture of non-core businesses and design new capital structures.

Strategic performance review

Is your business falling behind your competitors?   Strategic performance reviews analyze the key drivers of performance improvement. They provide a framework to evaluate financial and operational options—and to identify solutions. We’ll work with management in these challenging situations, bringing the strategic analysis necessary to provide you with practical commercial advice.

Formal corporate insolvency filings

We understand the pressures of financial crisis on both debtors and creditors. By offering services to both sides of the crisis equation, we can help develop workable solutions built on the broad support of all interested parties. We have licensed Insolvency Trustees in offices across Canada.  We can act in statutory insolvency appointments including receiverships, bankruptcies, proposals, CCAA and liquidations.

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Personal debt solutions

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes they lead to serious financial difficulty. If you’re ready for a financial fresh start, we’re ready to help you get it! Our team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees and debt professionals provide debt relief solutions tailored to you.