The past two years have continued to redraw cybersecurity in Canada, from massive infrastructure vulnerabilities to ongoing pandemic-related volatility.

This report examines cybersecurity in Canada by outlining immediate and imminent threats to your organization and offering guidance on how to defend your assets.

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We examine key cybersecurity issues, including:

Responding to the pandemic

Threats to operational technology

Underfunded and understaffed: the cybersecurity staffing problem

The redoubling of ransomware

We provide guidance on how to protect your assets, including:

Operational technology will continue to be a target

Fix your cybersecurity staffing problem

Ransomware: an ongoing epidemic

Supply chains will continue to be targeted

Implications of the shift to the cloud

Eliminate a static approach to cybersecurity

Watch on demand

Rethinking fraud in the post-pandemic world

What can you do to protect your business and your employees? Evolving your anti-fraud program can help strengthen your defenses.