Professional services | Key performance indicators (KPIs)

How do you measure success?

In today’s world of technology and information, there are countless ways for you to track and measure your results, success and growth. But when your firm’s performance—not to mention profitability and success—hinges on your ability to articulate a compelling strategy, identify clear priorities and motivate your people to reach measureable targets, you need a disciplined process of benchmarking and tracking put in place. That’s where KPIs come in.

Used properly, KPIs are an important tool for the management of your business—a key step to success. And while they can be used as a benchmarking tool, KPIs can also lead toward desired successes such as increased productivity, new—and effective—billing and collection techniques, not to mention new fee growth.

However, the development and adoption of effective performance metrics can be a complex undertaking. That’s why it’s important for all leaders in the firm to understand how KPIs work and how they can help improve the profitability and growth of the business. And while the process your firm adopts to set KPIs will differ depending on your industry focus, we have the knowledge and experience to work across the board—so no matter your size or focus, we can help.