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Our purpose

We’re purpose-driven - to help our clients, colleagues and communities thrive. 

Our colleagues

Individually and collectively, we never settle for good enough – we pursue and achieve excellence. In a rapidly changing world, this takes new skills, thinking and behaviors. Our people aren’t afraid of change, they embrace it. They’re committed to personal transformation -- reinventing themselves and doing things differently to drive client success. 

We inspire and support our colleagues with an inclusive, collaborative, innovative culture that accelerates the change process. This people-focused approach reflects the respect we have for our colleagues as highly talented professionals, passionately committed to our purpose.

Our clients

Our clients are operating in the same disruptive environments that we are. Timely, strategic and trusted advice and support is more important than ever. No matter how simple or complex the project, our objective is to provide an extraordinary client experience each and every time – one they can’t find anywhere else. We strive to be recognized for the quality of our advice, the care with which we deliver it, and the emotional investment we make in our clients’ success.

Our communities

The desire to contribute to the health and prosperity of our communities runs deep at Grant Thornton. Our people live and work in cities of all sizes, all across Canada. They care about their communities and take action as volunteers, fundraisers and donors for a variety of causes. Through the Grant Thornton Foundation, we’re pleased to increase the impact of their efforts.  Working together, we’re proud to achieve a meaningful and sustained impact on communities across Canada.