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Productivity improvement

Are you getting the most out of your business?

Are you looking to enhance resource productivity, achieve revenue growth, capture greater market share, target sales to improve margins, consolidate operations, or improve the level and management of innovation throughout the organization?

If you want to affect change in the way you sell, process or manage, but need help to execute on your strategy, Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement can help you.

A proven methodology

Our four-phase structured approach includes an initial consultation and a comprehensive analysis, where we identify cost savings and revenue improvement opportunities within your company. The next step is the development and initiation of our recommendations followed by ongoing monitoring.

We have solved a multitude of client problems in a wide range of industries, helping to implement technical improvements, foster behavioural change and open up profit bottlenecks. Most of our existing clients using our structured approach have experienced a greater than 3-to-1 return on investment.

Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement is proud to be a Qualified Service Provider for the CME SMART Prosperity Now Program.