Jennifer Fiddian-Green Partner Toronto +1 416 360 4957

Jennifer leads our National Forensic and Dispute Resolution Advisory practice. Jennifer gives presentations regularly and leads discussion groups to raise awareness and strengthen practices to prevent and detect fraud including, identity theft, money laundering, corruption, kickbacks, employee dishonesty, E-discovery and IT Security issues. Jennifer was the technical editor of "Protecting You and Your Money: A Guide to Avoiding Identity Theft and Fraud" published by CPA Canada. Please contact her regarding any forensic, dispute or litigation issue.

As an investigative forensic accountant (IFA) and a certified money laundering specialist (CAMS), Jennifer has worked both criminal and civil cases, testified as an expert witness, led large, complex fraud investigations and regulatory reviews, been the court appointed referee, and has been engaged by multiple parties in litigation disputes. In addition, she leads our national forensic team which works with regulated entities in regards to anti-money laundering compliance reviews and issues.

  • CPA, CMA
  • CA-IFA
  • CFE
  • CFI
  • BA (Hons)