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Jennifer Fiddian-Green

Fraud is a complex, multifaceted, and continually changing problem. As an investigative forensic accountant (IFA) and a certified anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS), I am passionate about helping my clients protect their businesses through integrity, awareness, and fraud prevention tools and strategies.

I lead the national Risk and Forensic advisory practice at Grant Thornton. I’ve worked with a range of clients over the years, both larger and smaller, on complex issues involving the needs of many different stakeholder groups for criminal and civil cases. I have testified as an expert witness and led complex fraud investigations and regulatory reviews. I also lead Grant Thornton’s national AML Services team. We work with regulated and non-regulated entities on anti-money laundering compliance programs and reviews.

Our Risk and Forensics team continues to grow across the country with a roster of talented, passionate people who execute on their purpose every day. The projects we work on and the contributions we make mean a lot to us, for us, and for our communities.

I work to raise awareness of fraud and the need to be vigilant through volunteer efforts, public speaking and writing. Fraud is coming at us from all sides, whether in the form of cyber attacks, identity theft, investment scams, money laundering, corruption, kickbacks, employee dishonesty, or IT security issues. We need to be and keep informed, and we also need to lead with and demand integrity and transparency. I was the technical editor of "Protecting You and Your Money: A Guide to Avoiding Identity Theft and Fraud" published by CPA Canada, and I continue to work on projects to help raise awareness on fraud and to prevent human trafficking.

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