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Global findings

Covid-19's impact on gender parity

Inclusion actions driving gender diversity

Accessing women talent

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re delighted to share our annual women in business report. Grant Thornton’s Women in Business 2022 presents the latest findings from our global research that tracks the position of women in senior management and the progress towards gender parity in leadership. The research draws on insights from 5,000 global mid-market leaders to investigate how businesses can engage diverse talent in the wake of the pandemic—and beyond.

Report highlights:  

  • Businesses are taking deliberate, necessary action to create more inclusive working practices amid a global talent shortage, including adopting hybrid work arrangements.
  • 57% of mid-market businesses are concerned about a shortage of skills, and leaders will need to work harder to create flexible, inclusive, purpose-driven environments.
  • After two years of pandemic-related disruption, we see a global increase in the proportion of mid-market senior management positions held by women—now at 32%. Numbers have remained above the 30% tipping point recognized as a catalyst for significant change, as explored in our 2021 Window of opportunity report.

Explore the global changes in gender parity in senior management—including Canada—and learn how to engage and retain diverse talent in a competitive and rapidly-changing business landscape.

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“It’s a priority and a commitment for us to create an environment where equity, inclusion and belonging are central to the experience our people have everyday. We all need to be intentional about making decisions through a lens of equity to ensure that everyone, including talented women, have access to opportunities for growth and development.”

Sharon Healy, Chief People & Culture Officer, Grant Thornton Canada