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The Report on Doing Business in Canada

The Government of Canada has taken a number of actions over the last year that have had major and wide-spread implications on the ways small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada operate. The changes, and subsequent debate over their fairness, has generated major interest among media and stakeholder groups. It is vital that the voice of business leaders across Canada be heard.

As a purpose-driven firm that works to help SMEs manage challenges they face and realize opportunities, Grant Thornton decided to undertake The Grant Thornton Report on Doing Business in Canada to hear first-hand from business owners their thoughts on the policy shifts.

The report, based on the feedback of business leaders across Canada, delves into the highest-profile issues facing business in Canada today, and how government decisions have impacted the core of Canada’s economy.


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Download the full report to gain insight from Canada’s business leaders. [ 435 kb ]

Download The Grant Thornton Report on Doing Business in Canada

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