Breaking Down Budget 2021’s COVID-19 Measures

Video overview

The 2021 Federal Budget continues to support spending on COVID-19 relief measures, though the funding is winding down. Tara Benham (National Tax Leader) and Matt MacAdam (Partner, Tax) discuss the proposed extension of both the CEWS and CERS and introduction of the Canada Recovery Hiring Program (CRHP).

Key moments in this video

0:25 What are CEWS and CERS?
2:30 What kind of extensions were introduced?
4:15 What is the announcement about executive compensation and repayment?
5:20 What is the proposed Canada Recovery Hiring Program (CRHP)
6:39 Can I file for both the CEWS and the CRHP?
8:03 What if I missed or filing deadline or need to increase my claim?

About this video series

Grant Thornton presents our video series on the 2021 Federal Budget. Featuring Tara Benham (National Tax Leader) and various tax experts, we explore what Canadians may see in the upcoming budget, a recap of budget highlights and the budget’s implications for individuals and businesses.

Visit our pre-budget alert 2021 for more information about the 2021 Federal Budget.

For the latest information and analysis on provincial and federal budgets, visit our Budget 2021 hub.

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