Charitable giving: Donating public company shares
How companies structure charitable donations can be as important as the amount given—both for the charity and for the donor. In this article we discuss this
Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (ONCA)
The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services announced that ONCA came into force on October 19, 2021. Read what these changes mean for your organization.
Is your data working as hard as it could be?
Data analytics can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Follow our guide to get started.
Charities and not-for-profit-organizations COVID-19 and the charity sector in a global context
This article explores how the pandemic has affected the charity sector as a whole and identifies what needs to be done for charities to deliver to their
ASPE, ASNPO, PSAS, IFRS Disclosing the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 in your entity’s financial statements
COVID-19 has impacted virtually all businesses in Canada and financial statements need to determine how each COVID-19-related event is reflected in their
Not-for-profit organizations Not-for-profit audit committee guidebook
Your organization’s most valuable asset is its reputation, and that reputation must be able to withstand today’s increase scrutiny.
Work stressing you out? There’s a way to fix that.
Everyone experiences stress at some point or another. In fact, 27 percent of Canadian workers report being “highly stressed” on a day-to-day basis, while an
Not-for-profit organizations How to evolve your charity & not-for-profit in pace with technology
The digital age is dramatically changing the world in which we live, and CNPOs are not immune. While limited budgets make it difficult to keep up with digital
Not-for-profit organizations Diversity as a differentiator in the charity and not-for-profit sector
Regardless of service, sector or mandate, chances are—if you look closely at any charity or not-for-profit’s list of beneficiaries—you’ll find individuals of
A new way to give back
The charity and not-for-profit (CNPO) sectors are changing at a breakneck pace, not just in Canada but around the world. Shifts in demographics,
Charities and Not-for-profit Impact in action
Charitable giving remains at record lows across the world—for many organizations, that means finding new ways to measure their impact—and demonstrate the
CNPOs and agility: How to remain nimble today
Fostering innovation in an organization and taking on the risk that accompanies it can be challenging. In this article, we discuss how not-for-profit

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