The challenge

When every option is exhausted, finding the right solution can seem nearly impossible. That’s when our client—an Ontario-based investment company with properties in Canada and the US—came to us. They needed support dividing their US real estate assets into a separate investment structure so they could efficiently divest a portion of them in the future. Due to the cross-border nature of their business, they were dealing with different tax rules and implications between both countries that further complicated the process. Their unique challenges required a team who could dig deep to understand their needs and uncover a tax-efficient option.

How we helped

  • Developed a tax-efficient plan by thoroughly investigating their tax issue and examining all options.
  • Leveraged extensive experience to deliver high-quality service in collaboration with our US tax team which addressed issues in both countries.

Our client wanted to divide their US real estate assets so they could sell some, without impacting others. With different tax rules and implications between the two countries—and some rules that overlapped—they needed a team who understood every nuanced detail and could essentially ‘speak both languages.’ We worked closely with our US tax team to develop an effective plan that would work in Canada and the US. The challenge required us to dig deep and explore multiple options to find the ideal solution. Collaborating across borders provided our client with the expertise required to deal with such a complex issue as well as service they could trust and rely upon. We were quick to respond to their questions and concerns and demonstrated our dedication to helping them achieve tax-efficiency.

The impact

Cross-border tax can be challenging to navigate, but the right expertise—coupled with a fierce drive to solve problems—can result in the right solution. Our team was persistent and continued to look at all possibilities to find the most tax-efficient solution for our client. Additionally, we provided personal touch service that made our client know they were always our priority because we were committed to their success.

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