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Cloud Accounting

How cloud accounting can help solve your staffing crunch

The pandemic has created unique staffing challenges across the country, making it more difficult to find, hire, and retain the right people to grow and support your business.  Small- and medium-sized businesses that need to hire accountants and administrators continue to face competition from larger organizations that may offer more competitive salaries and benefits—and are now also navigating a labour market where candidates are no longer limited by geography.

Flexible solutions for a changing labour market

Cloud accounting is a flexible, efficient, user-friendly and affordable collection of digital apps that automate manual tasks and processes—all while producing valuable data that’s stored in the cloud.

Cloud accounting can manage:

As an automated solution, cloud accounting can provide immediate relief to your staffing challenges by performing many business administration and accounting tasks that would previously have been done by a controller or an accounts payable manager.  

Cloud accounting can also support your business in the long term if you adopt a hybrid work environment and revert to recruiting for certain accounting and administration tasks.

Have questions? Let us help.

There are dozens of different cloud applications. Your Grant Thornton advisor can work with you to choose the solution that’s right for your business’ needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more.