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Becoming an e-commerce business

Video overview

Many businesses are considering adding e-commerce to their sales channels to meet consumer demand during #COVID19. In our next “Your COVID-19 Business Questions Answered” video, Scott Beaton discusses how your business can navigate the change to digital sales and take advantage of the switch in consumer behaviour, including:

0:54 How large is e-commerce in Canada and what’s changed in the last month?
2:07 How do businesses get the maximum return in the shortest period of time?
2:53 Is there a way to automate the process of migrating products to online sales?
3:50 How do businesses that weren’t prepared for the shift to ecommerce win back their customers?
4:44 Other issues to consider


About the video series

Get insights on the latest Canadian government programs, business risks and more in our series of Q&A videos intended to help guide businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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