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Developing blockchain tech? Here’s how to fund it

What is the SR&ED program?

The SR&ED program is the largest source of research and development funding in Canada. Administered by the federal government to promote innovation, the program provides eligible companies aiming to achieve technological innovation and advancement with an investment tax credit. Eligible expenditures include salaries/wages for the employees performing the work, and 80 percent of the fees charged by contractors assisting in the project.

Companies that qualify for the SR&ED credits could receive a refund of up to 35 percent of those costs.

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Do you qualify?

To qualify for SR&ED credits, your project must address a technological uncertainty, which is an obstacle or problem that can’t be resolved using existing knowledge, industry standard practices or known approaches.

Don’t worry if your project isn’t successful, you can still qualify for making failed attempts – it’s all in the pursuit of technological advancement.

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Did you know?

You can file a SR&ED claim up to 18 months after your fiscal year end—so you may be eligible to receive a tax credit on work from the past 2 fiscal years.