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Across Ontario, countless real estate professionals have been eagerly awaiting the passage of new legislation that allows them to incorporate by setting up a Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC). We’ve created this hub to help you navigate incorporation and understand how you can maximize your hard-earned commissions. If you need any support, contact us at any time.

PREC Is the corporate structure of your PREC optimized for your objectives?
Depending on your desired outcomes, the corporate structure of your PREC may shift—making it important to identify your objectives in advance.
Real Estate and Construction Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC) Explained
A Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC) is a personal corporation that real estate agents and brokers can establish. Jaclyn Cairns, Senior Manager, Tax,
Real estate and construction Setting up a PREC? Ensure you're an independent contractor
When setting up your PREC, ensure you know the differences between being an independent contractor and qualifying as a PSB in order to avoid higher tax rates.
Real estate & construction How to reap the tax advantages of a PREC
Now that real estate agents are able to set up a PREC, it's important to understand the difference between passive and active income.
Real estate and construction Structuring your PREC to maximize your earning power
Ontario’s real estate professionals can incorporate by setting up a PREC. However, it’s important to understand the different structures and their benefits.
Real estate and construction Personal Real Estate Corporation: What to consider from the legislation
With the passing of legislation for Bill 145, it’s now possible for realtors in Ontario to establish a Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC).
Real Estate and Construction Setting up a PREC: What haven’t you considered?
The benefits of incorporation can be considerable, including the opportunity to defer up to 40 percent in personal taxes. To maximize those benefits, however,
Real Estate and Construction The Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC): Four tax-saving opportunities
While the legislation (and details) around Personal Real Estate Corporations (PRECs) have yet to be released, there are a few things real estate professionals

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