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St. Catharines

Carolyn McConville

I can help advise individuals and privately held businesses with their accounting, tax, and business issues. 

I’m very involved in the personal tax practice in my office.  I enjoy working on challenging files and have passion for learning and problem solving. 

Over my 20-plus-year career, I’ve enjoyed learning about my clients’ businesses and their financial and personal goals. Gaining a full picture of each unique client’s situation helps me understand how I can best support them and ensure that I bring in the right Grant Thornton colleagues to assist with their needs.

I’m also proud to seek opportunities to contribute to the success of my colleagues.  I offer coaching, support, and guidance to help others as they progress through their own careers. 

When I'm not in the office, I enjoy travelling with my family, or finding a quiet corner where I can settle down and read a book for hours.

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