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Cody Lohnes

I can help you with succession and estate planning, corporate and personal tax planning, complex corporate tax reorganizations, and mergers and acquisitions.  

Setting up your business to be as tax efficient as possible can greatly benefit your bottom line. I work proactively with clients to build an effective tax strategy, while translating complex tax concepts into easy-to-understand solutions.  

As National Leader of Succession and Estate Planning, I’m able to deliver specialized tax and business planning advice to small and medium sized clients in various industries. With more than 14 years of professional experience, I’m continuously building on the knowledge and training gained from the CICA’s in-depth tax program. I also enjoy presenting to local entrepreneurship groups on effective business solutions.  

With a long-standing personal interest in the fishery industry, I’ve been able to help clients in this field, with a strong understanding of industry operations, challenges, and opportunities. It’s also become my way to give back to the community. As the President of the South Shore Bassmasters, and the Treasurer for both the Atlantic Bass Open and Responsible Bass Anglers of Nova Scotia (RBANS), I support competitive bass tournaments and a sustainable sport fishery. 

My passion outside of work is competitive bass fishing and spending time with family.

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