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National Assurance Service Line Leader

John Harris

As the National Assurance Service Line Leader, I work closely with our Assurance teams, the Independent Business Group and clients across Canada. I’m proud to be continuing to grow a talented team that fulfils the firm’s purpose and vision every day.  

Having spent time at other firms, I know first-hand that Grant Thornton is uniquely positioned to help privately-held businesses grow. Our entrepreneurial mindset mirrors the ambition, hard work, and dedication of our clients, and enables us to work with them effectively.

Prior to stepping into the current role, I led the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley team as the managing partner of Grant Thornton’s South Coastal BC Business Unit and for more than 30 years I have advised privately-held clients across British Columbia—providing both assurance expertise as well as business advisory services. While I’ve covered a broad range of topics and issues over the years, my strengths lie in taking a holistic viewpoint and working with clients to crystalize their objectives and goals. By asking good questions, I’m able to identify and recruit the right Grant Thornton specialists to meet the operational requirements of my clients. 

As a practitioner, I am dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to all my clients. Beyond charging a fair fee, being proactive, and responding in a timely manner, I have a genuine interest in my clients’ success, and I am honoured to play a role in their achievements.

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