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Joy Shuchat

As the Assurance service line Leader, as well as the real estate and construction leader for Southern Ontario, I work predominantly with clients in the real estate sector, including asset management and professional services firms, developers, pension funds and property owners (residential and commercial). Leveraging over 25 years of experience, I provide my clients with a wide range of audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services. I also conduct comprehensive and special-compliance audits, including internal control evaluations and statutory audits.

Throughout, my primary goal is to help business owners remain compliant and competitive so they can confidently make strategic business decisions—whether they’re looking to grow, transform their operations or develop a business succession plan.

In addition to being a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant, I’m a member of CPA Ontario and TCREW, and have had opportunity to present at Realpac, a national industry association dedicated to advancing the long-term vitality of Canada’s real property sector. I’m also a board member and treasurer of Jewish Family & Child (since 2015), and chair the Audit Committee for Holy Blossom Temple. From 2013 to 2016, I was a board member and co-chair of the audit and governance committee at TCREW, and have worked in various other capacities in numerous charitable organizations over the years.

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