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Leslie Spyropoulos

Meeting different clients and learning about their unique stories is deeply rewarding—it fuels my passion for helping businesses get organized and become streamlined so they can achieve their goals. In my line of work, it’s important to be an active listener to fully understand the root of the problem and work to solve it through strategic planning and coaching.

As a Partner in our Independence Business Group  , I support small- and mid-sized companies and their owners in a variety of sectors including automotive, custom brokerage, and non-profit. I focus on delivering business advisory services, taxation, and any related advice to help them throughout any stage of their journey. 

Before joining Grant Thornton in 2023, I ran my own practice in Oakville, ON and am particularly in tune with the issues and dynamics clients may face. Drawing on over 30 years of experience, I’ve also been involved with mergers and acquisitions by supporting the due diligence process.

I achieved my Chartered Accountant designation in Manitoba in 1989 while working for a large national/international firm and became a Certified Financial Planner in 2009.

Outside of work, you can find me cherishing time with my extended family or enjoying golf, good books, and lots of travel.

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