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Business Advisor

Lisa Saunders

Since earning my Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Queen’s University in 1986, I’ve had the privilege to gain extensive knowledge and experience in public practice. Over the years, I’ve advised hundreds of clients in various industries, while honing my expertise in management and business consulting with family-owned enterprises. My focus emphasizes building net worth and planning for the future, as well as will and estate planning and compliance. 

While this experience has earned me the loyalty of countless clients, it is ultimately my passion for the job that sets me apart. I bring energy, commitment and a smile to all my engagements, which I approach with a mix of hands-on, one-to-one client service. Fully aware that today's clients demand more from their accountant than just mathematical solutions, I offer a results-oriented, highly communicative style that clients rely on to keep their businesses on track and growing. 

In addition to leading the accounting, audit and advisory practice at my previous firm, I maintained responsibility for the firm’s overall management and strategic direction. That experience informs my work at Grant Thornton as well. As a result, I remain focused on leadership, team building, training and marketing. I also remain committed to delivering cost-effective, proactive service, where the lines of communication are always open. This—combined with passion, people skills and principles—is what allows me to drive optimal results for both my firm and my clients.

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